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Yakov Gross


Yakov was born and raised in Israel and currently lives in New York City. Yakov is an experienced Hebrew teacher with years of teaching Hebrew and Israeli culture. Since he relocated to the US, Yakov has been working as a Hebrew teacher and a youth guide in several schools and Jewish community centers in Manhattan. During his career, Yakov worked with a diverse population and ages, including children with special needs. His passion for education began during his military service as a commander in an elite unit where he was responsible for educating the next generation of Israel. Following his military service, Yakov was engaged in various army-preparation programs and he continued to study Education in college.
Yakov believes that having fun in class is the key to learning. Perseverance, investment, and hard work are the hallmark of success.

יעקב נולד וגדל בישראל וכיום הוא מתגורר בעיר ניו-יורק. יעקב מלמד עברית ותרבות ישראלית במסגרות חינוכיות שונות. ליעקב ניסיון בעבודה עם אוכלוסיות מגוונות, מגיל יסודי ועד נוער, לרבות ילדים עם צרכים מיוחדים. יעקב מאמין ששיעור מהנה הוא המפתח ללמידה. השקעה והתמדה הם החותמת להצלחה.

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