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Amir Eden

Amir Eden


Shalom, My name is Amir. I am an Israeli American. I hold an M.A in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University. I have twelve years of experience as a Hebrew teacher, six years as a “Modern Israel” teacher, three years as a 6th to 12th Hebrew Department Chair, two years as a Middle and High School Principal, and six years K-12 Head of Judaic Studies, Hebrew, Jewish Life and Israel connections. I also had the honor of leading 19 educational trips to Israel. I had the pleasure of serving: Brandeis Hillel Day school (CA) , Donna Klein Jewish Academy (FL) , Jess schwartz college prep (AZ), Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus (NV), and Tucson Hebrew Academy (AZ). I also had the honor of serving as the founding Board Chair of the Israeli Scouts and The founding Regional Director of IAC in Las Vegas. I am married, a father of two young men and in my free time I love to travel, read, cook, play and coach soccer.

שמי עמיר, אני ישראלי אמריקאי, והיה לי הכבוד ללמד תיכוניסטים שיעורי עברית מ 2006.
שימשתי כמורה לעברית, רכז מחלקת עברית, מתורגמן ומנהל חטיבה ותיכון.
בזמני החופשי, אני אוהב לקרוא, לטייל ולשחק כדורגל. יש לי שני בנים: גל בן ה 19 וניב בן ה 16 והם משאירים אותי צעיר.

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