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IAC Gvanim Limmud

IAC invites you to join in a network of study groups to be developed and run by members of the community throughout the United States. The study group is the place for a social meeting/encounter in which people learn and talk about our lives and the future of the community.

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About the Program

“Gvanim Limmud” is an arena for in-depth and dynamic discussion in which the community members study together texts from the wealth of Jewish and Israeli culture. The learning takes place in “havruta” study pairs and allows participants to investigate the challenges and central questions facing the Israeli-American and Jewish-American communities.

The Program's Goals


To create community-led study groups that conduct joint study and discussion of texts and community issues.

To issue an invitation to become better acquainted with the wealth of Jewish and Israeli literature and culture.

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To build bridges and create common denominators within the Israeli-American community and between it and the Jewish-American community.

Who is the Program for?

All members of an Israeli-American and/or Jewish-American community interested in “havruta”-style study of texts from the wealth of Jewish and Israeli culture and in discussing the profound questions facing the community.

How Many Participants are there in each Group?

Each group consists of 5-20 participants.

Where does the Group Meet?

In the members’ homes and in any other public location deemed suitable by the group leaders and participants. It is important that the selected location facilitate a comfortable environment for joint discussion and study.

How is the Beit Midrash-Style Study and Community Discussion Conducted?

Who teaches? At “Gvanim Limmud”, the group is an egalitarian arena of discussion and joint study for all members of the community. There is no teacher and no need for prior knowledge or experience. Together, we build an independent course of study led by the members of the study group, each in turn and/or together.

Who Leads and Organizes? Each group is led by a member of the Gvanim Leadership Program whose role is to assist with the organization and consolidation of a group in their region, to choose the participants’ preferred topics of study, and to manage the distribution of responsibilities and roles to the group members. The leaders will receive prior training from the IAC Gvanim team and professional support throughout the duration of the program. 

What are the Study Topics and how are they Studied and Discussed?


A Series of Topical Sessions

IAC offers a content database from which the group leaders and participants can choose the topic to be studied and discussed. The content is built in series of 5-10 sessions on each topic. At the completion of a series, the group can continue to another series on a new topic.


The main topics are leadership, identity, and community. The texts studied are from the wealth of Jewish and Israeli culture and are accompanied by questions about its simple and homiletic meaning and its reflection in the participant's daily life and that of his family and community.

Study Method

In each session, the participants are given a study page containing texts and questions. The learning takes place in Beit Midrash format, including a joint reading of the text, discussion in "havruta" pairs, and a joint discussion and debate between all group members. 

What does it Cost?

There is a nominal participation charge only which is aimed at covering the hospitality costs of hosting the participants. 

Gvanim graduate: to register for leading a study group, please send an email to:

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