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IAC Gvanim Community Leadership Program

The program empowers Israeli-Americans to become the next generation of leaders in the Israeli and Jewish American communities. The program focuses on questions of identity, understanding the Jewish American landscape, and cutting-edge leadership and community building tools.
Online meetings will allow participants to meet the best lecturers and community leaders and get acquainted in areas of action from across the United States.

The Program's Objective

Being the flagship program on the IAC the Gvanim program had been designed with objectives and vision of the IAC at its core. The program’s curriculum is supported by these three pillars: identity, leadership and community.
Through communal learning and meetings with domain-experts, Gvanim participants will be exposed to the variety of voices and views within the community and acquire leadership tools. Participants will experience personal and spiritual growth through inspiring and in-depth discussions with prominent leaders of the Jewish-Israeli community from all over the United State.

Who is the Program for?

Israelis who reside in America and first-generation Israeli-Americans.
People interested in community activities and leadership.
People who are open to and curious about different voices and views.

The curriculum

The program is offered in all North American and consists of 15 2-hour evening sessions.

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