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Mishelanu is a nationwide student network on dozens of campuses across the nation. The network is led by first and second-generation Israeli-Americans who bring the spirit of Israel to campus. The program provides a home for Israeli-American students that become a living bridge between Israel and the campus community.

 Become a Mishelanu Fellow!

Make an impact and become a leader on campus and share Israeli culture and advocacy with a vast student community and incredible programs of your

  • Develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills
  • Lead social and educational programs
  • Bridge and connect the Israeli and American culture across campuses
  • Network with the greater Israeli-American community and dozens other Mishelanu chapters
  • Bring the love of Israel and the spirit of Israeliness to college campuses
  • Be part of an impactful movement of leaders and change makers
Become a Mishelanu Activism Ambassador!

Are you a Pro-Israel student activist looking to go beyond the ordinary fellowship? Want to shape the conversation on campus and mobilize students for action?

  • Organize interactive and educational events, campaigns, and “actionable items”
  • Paving your educational journey with tailored resources on Israel and the region
  • Create partnerships with other student organizations, to strengthen the Jewish and Zionist communities on campus and beyond
  • We would be thrilled to have you as part of this powerful journey of transformation for you and the community.  

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