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IAC Tasty Featuring Chef Roni Zaken

National Event
Thu., MARCH 04TH
08:30 PM (EST)
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

IAC Tasty: A Delicious Social Experience!
Meet Roni Zaken from New york, get to know fellow foodies and learn how to make Kubeh Stew

Join host Liat Sheerit, successful food blogger, as she virtually travels across the US and meets and cooks together with leading chefs from different cities and creates a fun and engaging social experience, between the chef and the participants. Pour yourself a drink and join us in this fun social culinary experience!

We offer a blend of traditional Mediterranean dishes using the absolute freshest ingredients. Our mantra is present in our food; life happens at the dinner table and in keeping our Jewish traditions as an integral part of our living, we can bring people together to cherish it. So sit down, love one another, and enjoy delicious quality kosher catering from our home to yours. Enjoy.

We believe that through food our culture is kept alive. You can taste this passion at every level in our food.

Kubeh Stew
Kubeh stew is a family of dishes based on spiced ground meat and grain, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. In Kurdish Iraqi cuisine, usually, bulgur wheat is pounded together with meat into a fine paste and formed into balls, with toasted pine nuts and spices. Adding slices of beets for a perfect stew. Comforting and warming especially on cold days.

Colbeh & Paprika
32 W.39th St.
New York, NY

IAC טייסטי בניו יורק עם שף רוני



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