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IAC Mishelanu Activism Ambassadors 2021-2022

Fri., MAY 07TH TO Wed., SEPTEMBER 1st
08:00 AM (PST)
Duration: 9 hours

The IAC Mishelanu Activism Ambassadors fellowship is a prestigious, next-level opportunity for leading pro-Israel activists on college campuses across the United States.

Whereas many students experience Israel through various trips and events with the Jewish community on campus, Mishelanu Ambassadors reinvigorate and reimagine the conversations that Zionist activists should have in an effort to empower Jewish and pro-Israel students and build bridges with other communities for the future.

As a year-long commitment, fellowship participants will pave their own journey by:
• Developing advanced knowledge on Middle East history and current events in areas they have yet to explore
• Acquiring hands-on training from international figures and premier voices on activist strategy and combating hatred
• Creating innovative campaigns and events that address core challenges on campus
• Building relationships and coalitions with non-Jewish student organizations
• Crafting policy, anti-bias trainings, and other actionable items to mobilize their peers for positive change
The Mishelanu Activism Ambassadors program is recommended for both Jewish and non-Jewish university students who wish to change the culture on campus that has left many pro-Israel students in gridlock, for newer and more proactive approaches.
As the inaugural cohort of Mishelanu Activism Ambassadors launched in 2020, the Israeli-American Council (IAC)’s student activist program has served as a connector for finding common ground with local and national organizations from various other marginalized communities, such as the LGBTQ+ community to the Latin American community on campus.
The Ambassadors program has also provided a much-needed outlet for solidarity between hundreds of students, namely Mishelanu Town Hall meetings, which create a safe forum for students to share their experiences with campus antisemitism and anti-Zionism and receive free legal and strategic advice from pro-bono attorneys.
As the forms of anti-Jewish discrimination evolve on campus, whether in the shape of vandalism attacks at Jewish Greek-life houses, antisemitic lectures, BDS calls to break ties with Israeli study programs, and unlawful obstacles to Jewish student involvement, Mishelanu Ambassadors will go above and beyond to set the tone to navigate our shared future.

Will you make your mark and redefine pro-Israel activism on your campus?



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