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Outdoor Zikaron Basalon followed by 6 million steps walk

San Francisco, CA

Community , Regional Event , Yom Hashoah
Thu., APRIL 08TH
05:30 PM (PST)
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Join us as we come together for a special gathering with Jeff Felson and an outdoor Zikaron Basalon. After Jeff share’s his personal family story, we will continue as one community and join the #6millionsteps initiative. Join as we walk to honor the memory of Jeff’s family and all the six million victims of the Holocaust, as well as the remaining survivors who are still with us today.

My father, Stan, grew up as “Zalman”. in Gluboke, a town in present-day Belarus. The population before WW II was about 10,000 — more than half were Jewish.    After the Nazis took control of the town in the summer of 1941 , they created a Jewish ghetto. In June, 1942 almost half of the Jews in Gluboke were massacred by Nazi forces.    Realizing the futility of survival in the ghetto, Zalman found an opportunity to escape the ghetto and join up with a group of Partisans.    Some months later, he risked his life by entering the ghetto to try to rescue his father, mother, and 2 younger brothers.   At the end of the war, only Zalman, and one brother, Don, had survived from his family of five.   Other survivors regarded him as a “hero” for his efforts in the Partisans and for the risks he took. He and his brother began new lives in the United States.

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