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Empowering & inspiring the next generation of activists from coast to coast,
to stand up for Israel and fight antisemitism through education,
community building & civic engagement.


Empowering teens from coast to coast through experiential learning, providing them with leadership tools to stand up and combat antisemitism, anti-Zionism & National Origin discrimination within their schools and communities.


Guiding and empowering the Israeli American community to use their unique voice to stand up for the rights of the community and effect change within the system as it relates to antisemitism, Israel hatred and national origin discrimination.


Ensuring a safe school environment free of hate by removing antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and discrimination based on National Origin from schools


Act&Impact Ambassador Training

Teens will learn from professionals in the field about antisemitism, hatred of Israel, the connection between the two and how to combat them in their communities. Participants will receive and practice activism and project management tools while executing community events in and out of their school environment. Ambassadors will gain story-telling and public speaking skills through innovative and interactive activities.


Act&Impact Ambassadorship

Participants will deepen their knowledge of different narratives about Israel and the Jewish people and translate the skills acquired in the training year to empower their peers, educate others about antisemitism and make an impact in their communities. Ambassadors will act as mentors for the local Ambassadors Training, will practice their public speaking and debating skills and execute community and school events.
** This program is eligible for community service hours


Activism Committee & Parent Task Force

Training and inspiring parents and community members to become local change agents and address antisemitism in our public spaces. Task Force members will understand the importance of civic engagement as a minority-immigrant community in the U.S, will receive tangible education and tools on how to make a difference in their communities and lead efforts in their communities, and local schools / districts. To join your local activism committee and/or parent task force fill out the following form:

School Watch

Ensuring a safe school environment free of hate, by removing antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and discrimination based on national origin from schools. If you are a student, parent, and/or educator who has experienced antisemitism or discrimination based on national origin in your school click here to file a report.

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