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Antisemitism in the U.S today is at an all-time high – American Jews are only 2% of the population, yet are victim to 60% of all
religious hate crimes

In 2019 FBI* recorded over 2,100 antisemitic reports. More than 60% than in 2015.
A recent study by AJC** found that Jewish people in the U.S don’t feel safe being Jewish
• 88% of American Jews feel that antisemitism is a problem in the U.S
• 84% feel that antisemitism has increased over the last five years
• 42% of American Jews think the state of Jewish people in the U.S is less secure

A recent survey by the Claims Conference*** finds significant lack of Holocaust knowledge among Millennial and Gen Z in the United States
• 11% of U.S. Millennial and Gen Z respondents believe Jews caused the Holocaust.
• 48% could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto from World War II
• 36% thought that two million or fewer Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.
• 49% have seen Holocaust denial or distortion posts on social media or online.

*FBI Hate Crime Statistics – 
**AJC Full Report – 
***Claims Conference Study –

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